Spanish National Team Euro 2024 bets: Win with La Roja

Euro 2024 bets
Spanish National Team

Everything stops when La Roja plays and there are bets on the Spanish team, whatever the competition. In this article, you will find all the data, statistics and information to bet on matches of the Spanish team with all the knowledge. The selection returns in the Eurocopa qualifier… Let’s go there!

Each of us has our favorite team. Some chose these teams from their childhood, others were hooked on a shirt by a specific player and there are even those who have the facility to change their preferred club depending on their sporting successes. But what is common to all is that when the national team plays, they all go together. This is why historically one of the most successful events in Sportium is when the Red plays. The bets of La Roja Spanish soccer team are the most bet forecasts. There must be a reason.

Betting, football and National Team: 3 words to achieve success

It may not seem like it at first glance, but betting on the Spanish soccer team tends to always occupy a privileged place when there is an important event, be it the soccer World Cup, the European Championship, or the recently created UEFA Nations League (of which you have keys to bet on this same sports betting blog, by the way).

La Roja is something that a lot of people barely pay attention to when they’re not playing. But when it does… as much as some deny it, betting on Spain always ends up being entertaining.

In fact, the words “betting, soccer, selection” are on the lips of all soccer betting fans as soon as there is a day of Selections. And this has been, more or less, about 6-7 times a year, once every two months.

But… what to choose when we have bets on the Spanish National Team in front of us? It is not easy to bet in the world of national team football. The qualifying phases are usually easy for the great powers, and at the same time there are almost always rare results that can upset our bets. And as for the big tournaments, they are the epitome of surprises.

All of this, together with the fact that the National Teams change a lot in practically every game for various reasons that we will now study, makes it necessary for us to take into account a series of keys when placing soccer bets with the National Team in one of these breaks.

Do you dare to see them with us?

Spain soccer team: One of the biggest

Spain soccer team

Although now it may seem that La Roja is back in its old ways, the truth is that Spain has earned a place among the greatest in the history of football. And he has done it thanks to his fantastic work in recent decades. Not only because of the titles they have won (also, of course), but because of the sports model that they implemented about a decade ago.

You will be able to enjoy better or worse moments, but the Spanish Soccer Team is a benchmark for many others due to its style of play: the so-called ‘tiqui taca’ that bases its soccer idea on possession and the best plan to achieve victory and the success

It all started 10 years ago now, with the conquest of EURO 2008 in Austria and Switzerland.

Eurocup champion bets

And it is that few, very few, placed Spain in the first place of the favorites in the bets for the Eurocup champion in that edition. But the Spanish team led by Luis Aragonés surprised the old Continent by holding a splendid tournament, showing incredible strength from possession football, and being forceful in both areas.

World Cup Betting

And only two years after Euro 2008, Spain fulfilled, then yes, with its status as favorite in betting on the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. La Roja was crowned world champion against the Netherlands in one of the most memorable finals, with Andrés Iniesta’s goal that now remains forever in everyone’s retina.

Spanish football team bets: What’s coming

Spanish football team bets: What's coming

But… what does the current Spain have to do with that of then? There are many criticisms that the national team, which is now directed by Luis Enrique, has received lately. However, almost none due to the change in style or, at least, it is admitted that it has not changed too much or that it has varied slightly and due to the needs of the moment.

It is, as always happened, the choice of the players in each call that generates an eternal debate in Spain. And this is so because, after more than 6 years without titles after the four glorious years (2008-2012), there is room for criticism as the results expected by all did not arrive.

This is great for us to understand what factors must be taken into account when placing bets on the Spanish National Team in each of the National Team days:

Betting on the Spanish National Team: factors to take into account

Calls: The template usually varies a lot from one date to the next. This directly affects our bets. You have to know which new players can make a difference, which casualties can be accused and how the new faces affect the general style of the team depending on the moment.

Importance of matches: fundamental. It is not the same to bet on a friendly match, in which anything can happen and the footballers “will not put their leg in” being in the middle of the season, than in a qualifying match, or that, of course, a vital match in a World Cup or a European Championship.

Other results: in qualifying phases and National Team tournaments, you often look at what the rest are doing. This greatly conditions our bets on the Spanish National Team

Psychological factors: they count much more than in club football. It must be taken into account that this is the conjunction of a group of players who do not usually play together. There is no excessive previous collective work, so there is more mental fragility (or usually is) in the face of adversity.

Game factors: for the same reason described above, it is common for major National Team tournaments to take certain ‘vices’ depending on the global football moment in which we find ourselves: if a more defensive football dominates at the club level, we will see matches with less goal, and vice versa.

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