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Results Betting

While many bettors see more chance and luck behind it, it can be well worth taking certain risks and being rewarded with high odds at 22Bet. In the following article, we would like to take a closer look at the risks and opportunities of outcome bets and give you some tips to help you place bets on exact final results even more successfully in the future.



A result bet is a bet on an exact final result (usually after the end of regular playing time) of any sporting event. Unlike the 3-way bet, the betting odds are significantly higher here, since the probability of correctly tipping an exact result, such as 2-0, 1-1, 1-4, is of course much lower than simply determining the winner.

If you look at result bets from a purely mathematical point of view, the payout keys of the betting providers are unfortunately usually somewhat lower here than with the 3-way bets. In order to still play worthwhile result bets and to be successful with this type of bet in the long run, there are some important things to consider.

The most common results in soccer: Of course, everyone has their favorite tips and results on which they bet especially often. Nevertheless, we want to approach the whole thing a little more professionally and first of all look at which results occur at all and how often. In the following, we have therefore compiled a table in which the most frequent final results in soccer and their statistical probabilities are reflected.



Some would certainly have expected the ever-popular 2:1 at the top of this table. Often underestimated and not so popular with many bettors for various reasons, however, is the draw. While there are usually better odds for a 3:1, so the starting position seems much more exciting, soccer matches end almost twice as often with a boring 1:1.

Basically, of course, it is not possible to say that you should always bet on one or the other result. As always in sports betting, it is also important to analyze the two teams involved in detail. The following points should help to better estimate the final result and thus gain a small advantage over the bettor.

  • the last results of the two teams
  • the current form of the two teams
  • the defensive / offensive alignment of the two teams
  • the quality of the individual players on offense and defense
  • injuries and suspensions of important key players
  • the need to win the game in any case

Experience, whether the team will be satisfied with a draw or will end up playing for a full win


With two offensively weak teams with good defense and no outstanding players in the offense (or absences of the striker stars), we would tend to a 0-0 tip rather than the standard 1-1.

In the same way, we would trust a slightly superior team with very good counter-attacking players to end up with a 3:1 rather than a 2:1, as the spaces that present themselves can be excellently used for another counter-attacking goal if the opponent is still pushing for the equalizer at the end.


With result bets, as with all other types of bets, it is important to take a close look at the two teams and the probable course of the game and, based on this information, make the most probable bet in the end. Of course, the betting odds offered by betting providers always play a decisive role in whether a tip can be classified as worthwhile in the end. Especially when betting on an exact final result, the betting odds of different betting providers can vary greatly and it is always worthwhile to compare several providers with the help of an odds comparison.

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