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The player’s attitude towards the game is very important. Not only should the strategy to be followed, the rules of the game and chance be taken into account; but maintaining a serene attitude and great temperance is a basic factor. Let’s look at a user’s profile as an example of what to do and what not to do.

  • She is a woman from Madrid
  • She is less than 30 years old
  • She won more than €20,000
  • She played from 8:33 p.m. on day 2 to 01:12 a.m. on day 3 (5:30 hours of play)
  • She started playing with €200 and ended up with €8,000

Since we cannot say her name, we will call her Mama Noel, which accompanies the dates.

He played this day with the same Roulette strategy: He plays his play on some specific numbers (always the same – 19, 11, 14, 20, 23, 24, 27 – and adds several double numbers – 14 and 17, 26 and 29, 1 and 12). She maintains the same game strategy, varying in some numbers. As she wins, she plays harder and harder.

This user stood firm on her bets, increasing the number of numbers she bet on and therefore the amount of money bet. This made her reach a profit of €20,000, an amount that she obtained by remaining immovable and serene. When she reached this amount, she switched to a different strategy, which brought her down to €7,800, which she finally withdrew.

Game psychology

Game psychology

The player’s attitude towards the game is something known by everyone, especially when talking about poker. The way to behave when receiving the cards, when placing your bets or even when moving your chips; It is analyzed to the maximum by its opponents and is part of a studied strategy.

But in online roulette, even if you don’t compete against other players; you have a much more complicated opponent, fight against yourself. And this is the most important premise that every online casino player must take into account.

Roulette follows a mathematical algorithm. He does not understand feelings or good or bad streaks. He doesn’t get angry when the player wins, nor is he happy when the player loses; it will continue to comply with the algorithm no matter what.

“Roulette does not have or understand feelings”

To break the myth of good or bad streaks, the user must take into account the laws of probability. Winning 1 time is very possible, winning 2 times in a row is likely, winning 3 times is difficult, winning 4 times is difficult. And following this logic, losing 1 time is very possible, losing 2 times in a row is likely, losing 3 times is complicated and losing 4 times is difficult.

Starting from this base, the roulette player must be a person with a winning and self-improvement spirit. He must control his feelings to avoid falling into a game guided by emotions and not by strategy. I’m sure it will do you good to review the 3 simple roulette strategies.

You must be prepared for loss, in order to make a profit. As in the case of our Mama Noel. She made a big win, and a big loss, but at the end of the night she made a big profit. On many occasions, when a player begins to lose, it is when his feelings surface more strongly and make him forget the strategy of the game… Staying calm and having a strategy, in the most difficult moments, is the key to turning the tide. game.

Having positive attitudes helps to achieve the player’s goals and make better decisions at all times. You should not be obsessed with prizes, and you should have fun playing so that your online casino sessions are a form of enjoyment and not despair.

The 3 profiles of the roulette player

profiles of the roulette player

Understanding this, we are going to propose 3 profiles of roulette players. 3 ways of approaching the game, none of which is the best or the worst. There are simply 3 descriptions of how to position yourself in front of the wheel:

Social player

The social player, seeks entertainment. He usually plays with more people and is not obsessed with profit. He knows what he’s going to spend, and he’s going to have fun regardless of what he might take with him at the end of the gaming session. A good or bad streak does not make him play more or less time or more or less high amounts.

Sentimental player

On the other hand, the sentimental player is more carried away by emotions. His plays can be more aggressive at certain times, leading to higher profits or losses. The fun depends on the benefit, and that is the Achilles heel of this type of player.

Professional player

Finally, the professional player has a predefined strategy. He knows what he is going to spend, how far he can go and when to withdraw in time. A bad or good streak will not make him play in a different way than he had planned; he will continue with his strategy and at the end, he will make an analysis of what happened. In this way, he will be able to propose his strategy for the next game session.

We could add a type of player, but only one person belongs to that type. We are talking about the most famous spy in the world, James Bond who has named a way to play online roulette.

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